Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ransom notes keep falling out your mouth.

Fabric today was awesome. (:
English sucked. I have to do from page 48-64 in our books and write a 250 word letter to a fictional charecter for homework. I would have had to do find a descriptive poem about a person too, but I found one, literally, 1 minute before break. *sigh*
My friend Scarlett wants me to download the japanese symbol keyboard 'emoji'. (:
At the moment I'm reading Dawn French's autobiography 'Dear Fatty'. OMG! Such a good book!
I'm loving all her little trail-offs, when she talking about something, then just trails off to something else. (:
Ahhh, Spanish first. Our teacher refuses to speak English to us, only Spanish, but she can speak it, she just thinks we will learn faster if we are spoken to in Spanish. :O
Anyway... Bye bye, I will write tomorrow! xxx

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