Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nooo! Never!

Well guess what?! MY COMPUTER WILL NOT TURN ON!!! :( I'm using Renee's laptop but... It sucks sooo much! I mean, all my stuff was on my computer. Pictures, videos (bones and all my movies!), PHOTOSHOP!!! student edition, cannot be reinstalled!!! >boo you whore<>I have suddenly found myself bored. I'm doing alot of sewing (3 pillows, 1 pillow case, 1 speechbubble shape pillow all small enogh for Chanel and 2 human size pillow cases... oh and 2 wheaties) and baking (scrogin minus the srgin so just chocolate and oats) and, wait for it, HOMEWORK!? '~'
EW! I've done English (48-64 and re-write letter) Socials (pick a current All Black) maths (12+13) and tomorrow I'm doing Spanish title page (draw a brick wall and tag in spanish on it and glue on a dni)
BOOOOOOORIIIINNGGG!!! So I just hope I win the competition I entered my TapeCase in. The prize is a Sony vaio laptop! Yay if I win! so byebye. It might be a few days before my next post! (:


  1. oh. my. god. poor you ): hope you win too, you better, your invention's sooo the best <3