Saturday, July 31, 2010

I am talking (well fbchatting actually) to my good friend Aimee. We are attempting to find all the fb chat emoticons. We are failing. my fav is either >:o or ^_^ or :|] or :3
I can't choose! Me is liking 'Status Symbol' though. It's giving me these- ☯☮☾♩♪♑< capricorn FTW
Incase you can't see them, it goes yinyan peace moon crotchet quaver capricorn.

Baby behave we'll make it work.

Uhm... sorry about not posting in a while, but... yeah I don't have a reason. I just didn't. :/
Something that happened recently that I want to share with you is this. I was (well actually my design was) on TV. Did I tell you about the competition I entered my videotape wallet in to? Well if not then I enetered my case into a competition. And the person showednit on TV and said it was really really really awesome. So um yay much?
Thats pretty much it right now... oh Chanels birthday is coming up. August 11. 11 days away. Shes not as excited as I am for her 1st birthday but... what can you do?
Also. Sarah? I made you spoon necklace. I'll bring it on Monday.
xxx Bye for now!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Heres the day you hoped would never come don't feed me violins just run with me through rows of speeding cars.

Sorry about not posting in a while but I've beed hurties. My head still hurts... and m sholder, ankles, knees and leg :/ I haven't really felt like it. It took me 9 attempts at hand-publishing a letter for social studies. I kept writing wrong words and stuff. D: anyway you should download some Imogen Heap songs (: I have to go but Goodnight and Go... Listen to it. (:

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Why'd you have to be so cute?It's impossible to ignore you.Must you make me laugh so much?It's bad enough we get along so well.Say goodnight and go.

There is no particular reason for this post, I just felt like blogging. (:
It is 9:40pm and I am sitting in bed writing notes of the most complex and amazing songs of all time. Or atleast I love them. The best part of listening to slowish music, is that you can let each word sink in that millisecond longer than rap(with the exception of eminem) and crap new music like that.
I would like to share with you this, one of my fav blogs. How About Orange.
I am thinking that I shall go now. I am slightly more sleepy seeing as it is now 9:40pm. (yes it took my six minutes to type that).
So. Goodbye.


Now now darling don't kill yourself none of us were angles and you know I love you still

:( yucky cold. My head feels like it was squashed by a bowling ball... and then no one remembered to remove the ball. yuck. And the worst part? Staring at a computer hurts my head, so this will be a short post, and I have Fabric first. Guess who fabric class is spending the lesson on computers? We have to do research for our accessories brief. Although there is no actual making of the accessory, just designing it. :|
Well I must scurry off now. My head is hurting. So...bye!
Oh, P.S., look at charlieissocoollike, GoRemy and Nerimon on youtube. kthxbi

Monday, July 26, 2010

There there baby it's just text book stuff it's in the ABC of growing up

ZOMG! I got my computer working again! yay

Although now I don't get a new one :/ ohwell. I like my current one (:
All I did was take out the battery and put it in again FOR THE EIGHT-HUNDREDTH TIME!!
Meh... Ohwell...

I'm just watching some nerimon (:
See you later (: xxx

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nooo! Never!

Well guess what?! MY COMPUTER WILL NOT TURN ON!!! :( I'm using Renee's laptop but... It sucks sooo much! I mean, all my stuff was on my computer. Pictures, videos (bones and all my movies!), PHOTOSHOP!!! student edition, cannot be reinstalled!!! >boo you whore<>I have suddenly found myself bored. I'm doing alot of sewing (3 pillows, 1 pillow case, 1 speechbubble shape pillow all small enogh for Chanel and 2 human size pillow cases... oh and 2 wheaties) and baking (scrogin minus the srgin so just chocolate and oats) and, wait for it, HOMEWORK!? '~'
EW! I've done English (48-64 and re-write letter) Socials (pick a current All Black) maths (12+13) and tomorrow I'm doing Spanish title page (draw a brick wall and tag in spanish on it and glue on a dni)
BOOOOOOORIIIINNGGG!!! So I just hope I win the competition I entered my TapeCase in. The prize is a Sony vaio laptop! Yay if I win! so byebye. It might be a few days before my next post! (:

Thursday, July 22, 2010

crop circles in the carpet

I am helping Scarlett to do her blog. (: you should soooo go on it. But only because it's been edited by me :D hahaha (: Now shes taking my doggie away because I tookover my computer. Maybe I should consider writing my blog on my IPOD nexttime. :/ probs. But anyway, you might have recognised my, uh, awesome blog titles!? Well thery are all lyrics from my fav song 'Hide and Seek' (see post below) Oh now Chanel has come back to me. Because she loves me best. (: xxxxx Write again soon!!!

Trains and Sewing Machines.

You know the song 'Watcha Say'? Yeah well I bet you didn't know that ther stole their chorus from a song called 'Hide and Seek' by Imogen Heap. It's indie music. I guess they thought people who listen to their music probably wouldnt listen to Indie music aswell. Imogen Heaps song is 10x better than the copy!!!
Anyway... uhmm, my friends Scarlett & Maria saw my blog, and then decided to make their own. I feel so inspiring. And wise... XD yaay!
Does anyone know what I could do later this term for fabric class design home furnishings assignment, although we can't make curtins, cushions, pillowcases, duvets, sheets... whats left???

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ransom notes keep falling out your mouth.

Fabric today was awesome. (:
English sucked. I have to do from page 48-64 in our books and write a 250 word letter to a fictional charecter for homework. I would have had to do find a descriptive poem about a person too, but I found one, literally, 1 minute before break. *sigh*
My friend Scarlett wants me to download the japanese symbol keyboard 'emoji'. (:
At the moment I'm reading Dawn French's autobiography 'Dear Fatty'. OMG! Such a good book!
I'm loving all her little trail-offs, when she talking about something, then just trails off to something else. (:
Ahhh, Spanish first. Our teacher refuses to speak English to us, only Spanish, but she can speak it, she just thinks we will learn faster if we are spoken to in Spanish. :O
Anyway... Bye bye, I will write tomorrow! xxx

Sunday, July 18, 2010

D: gasp!

Well, it's back to school tomorrow. :/ We get new timetables because our subjects change. I'm going to miss drama, but it is replaced with fabric tech. (apparently there are only like 5 people in my fabric class) and financial literacy is replaced with spanish. (financials was not so fun...).
I'm getting a perm so I don't have to curl my hair every morning. That takes me like an hour. Hello 6am! But anyway... Byebye! I have to go now. Write tomorrow. xxx

I'm adding to the list...

More fun things to do online to occupy your time.

FML- funny stories that ruined peoples day.
MLIA- Averge sories about average days.
GMH- beautiful stories that will make your day.

I hope you enjoy them (: xxx

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fun things to occupy your time.

I found these cute websites as I was stumbling around the internet, and I thought of you. ;)

fancy making a cute clutch?
or maybe some 'binky bunnies'?
craft not your thing? try smooshing some bakedbeans.
or try looking at the 'last page of the internet'.
Hours of entertainment here! hahaha or maybe just 10 minuets.

anyway... byebye, I'll post tomorrow xxx

Friday, July 16, 2010

My Biggest Inspiration.

Renee. My biggest inspiration. And the best sister a sister could ask for.
Go on. you know you want to. And why not. It's only one click away (: <3 xxx

As I lay in my bed with my doggie this morning, I realised that I made but never uploaded the 'how to' for my video tape cases for you guys. (: So Ill do that now. But the real reason behind this post, is this ---> I recommend visiting the site, but not attempting it. It would be extremely difficult. So... bye for now... xxxxx

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Case #2

Ok. Now this case is cuter and smaller. Because its a wallet. Made from old cassettes. I found it here first and made one. You should try it.
They are gorgeous. and so creative, everyone will want one. (:
Or these (: