Saturday, April 30, 2011

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

Wow. This makes me feel so insignificant and tiny. :/

Went shopping today. :)
I got a RUN DMC shirt, and a singlet to go with a loose knit jumper that I also got. :)
The jumper goes with my shoes that I got a while ago but never really went with anything. :3
Tomorrow I am going to do my mums books like add up the accounts to the bank statement and I'm getting payed like $20. :D YAY FO' MONEY.
Except the next day I'm back at school. Which should be both good and LAME. (Im pretty sure I will have PE on Monday. )

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Welcome To The Jungle

I went to see Fast and the Furious 5 last night.
OhMyGod. It was amazingly legit. asdfghjkl.
Then went back to Maria's place with Scarlett. We Nyan-ed for 40,000+ .
Then this morning we made pancakes.
When we were washing the dishes, we had a bubble fight. We then put dishwashing liquid on the tiles in Maria's garage. We slid around for a while then took like an hour to wash it off because the suds kept coming back in the water. hahahahaha
it was legit. :DDD

Saturday, April 16, 2011

We Can Fly, Come On Let's Try

Just watched Skins season 5 ep 1.
Frankie is adorable. I am loading the next ep. :)
Song- Aeroplane, We Can Fly. It's awesome. Listen here.
My favorite line from Skins s5e1 is deffs
"So, why do I see a glorious fucking... head... fuck... thing"
I don't know the charecters name that said it, but he said it to Frankie. :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Do It For The Living And Do It For The Dead, Do It For The Monsters Under Your Bed.

I want to be a nomad.
I want to find some money, go overseas, and just up and go when I feel. I want to be able to lay on the beaches of Italy, and then get up, get my stuff (clothes, passport, money and camera) and take a boat to Greece. And maybe then go back to Italy- Rome. Then go to Spain just because I felt like it .
I could catch a train to Paris- just because.
Fly to Berlin, Amsterdam, anywhere! 
And from there go to England. Make my way up the island and go to Scotland.
And go to Ireland.
From there? Who knows.
The Americas maybe.
Start in Canada and make my way to Chile and Argentina. -stopping to see the Yucatan Peninsula and to the ancient Mayan remains in the jungle.
Be a nomad. Spontaneous. Have fun.
Just float about for awhile. One year. Two. Who knows!?

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Tighten Up On Your Reins, You're Running Wild

I cut down a tree today. With a saw. I feel rather proud.
Livi bee's tomorrow. And then the beach.
I really need to get her to model for me one day. Like actually.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

To Reach The Eye Of The Storm

Social Studies test today. :/
Science test today. :/ :/
Double lame.
They were ok I guess. I think I passed.
In maths, I'm doing something I did 2 years ago...
In year 8.
Linear graphs, expanding and factorizing. She told us about parabola's, but said we don't need them 'till next year.
well, at least I know that there will be something else I'm good at next year.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

And Heres To You Mrs. Robinson

meh day today.
Me and Leaf were playing punch on the way home (he got a ride with his older brother). It's like slam, but is less painful. We started laughing and I turned around, just like to see who was behind me, and Chris was there.
But later on I saw Chris skipping in the supermarket, followed by his dad who, for the record, was also skipping. So I think we are even.
(I actually think they were just walking/running but I swear to god it looked like they were skipping.)

Friday, April 01, 2011

Well, I Hear You Whispering The Words To Melt Everyone

I am playing Scrabble on Facebook with my mum, sister and my mums friend Briana. It is extremely entertaining.
I screenshotted the last game. :)