Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Case #1

I have had the bright idea of VHS cases. (Video tape cases, like pencil cases)
I made one last night and everyone loves them >__<

How to make a video tape pencil case. In nine easy steps.(:
so anyway... here is how to do it. (if you can figure it out at all) <3 xxx

You will need...
An old tape.
Some pieces of felt.
A glue gun and heatproof mat.A pair of scissors, a marker, a phillips head screwdriver and a stick of glue (for glue gun).
And decorations (such as paint, felt pieces)

Step one. Remove all screws from the back of the tape.
Step two. Open tape and remove the tape rolls from inside.Also, anything that will come off easily.
Step three.Use one of the rolls, and trace around it with a marker onto the felt two times. Cut them both out.
Step four. Make sure that they both fit into where you removed the tape rolls from.
Step five. Glue down the felt.
Step six. Glue over where the front of the tape hangs off.
Step seven. Break off the small but tall plastic bit in the middle of the tape (when open, if that makes any sense).
Step eight. (possibly not required) Put sticky tape of some sort over the back of the tape (where the label usually is, as it is in-place of a label)
Step nine. Decorate! (:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

At the moment I love...

Right now, I am in love with...
1. Alex Day (nerimon) reading twilight and making videos about each chapter(s) he reads. OMG lolworthey muchhh?
2. Charlie, Alex, Tom and Eddies new band called 'Sons of Admirals'. English Music <3
3. Chanel. (: Speaking of, she went to the beauty parlor today!
4. The necklace I bought on Saturday.
5. Facebook (:

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Dory (or is it dorey?)

I absolutly LOVE finding nemo (:
Especialy the part where dory straps the mask on the huge fish and she sings a song.
Like this one...
'No eating here tonight, No eating here tonight, No eating here tonight, no no no eating here tonight, you on a diiiiet'
haha i love her so much! (: xxx <3<3<3

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Old Times = Good Times

Well... where do I begin? The start might be a good idea, eh? (:
My sister, my mum and I were talking about when me and my sister were little. and lets just say that in ended in me and my sister watching 'CardCaptors' on youtube (:
We watched the first episode. Its so cute! I mean, a small japanese girl named Sacura who finds a 'clow' book and releases a bunch of cards. Omg new record! 4 episodes in one day. (:

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Frozen Peas and Corn (:

mmm... yummy.
Frozen peas and frozn corn is yummy (:
I need to go winter op-shopping with Rana and Scarlett (:
I love op-shopping. <3
Especially ones run by old people because they don't know any expensive brand names... I love ripping off old people. (: