Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So... Guess What?

So... Guess What? I got a new computer! *yaaaaay* My wonderful Aunty sent me it. I looove her (:

aaaaaaand I made a 'GameBoy' (kinda) do you likey???

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Russian Dolls

Today I got some Russian Dolls. (: I am loooving them! there are 8. the 8th is TINY!!!!! :D Do you like? I do. ;)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Soy española amando al momento!

Bueno, ahora puedo hablar y escribir en español con fluidez. En realidad, sólo estoy bromeando. Traductor Google me está ayudando! jejeje! He encontrado a todos mis ocho años y el pensamiento español cosas la forma en que es lo mismo que estoy aprendiendo ahora.Sabes que encontrar esta tan fresco. Creo que voy a seguir con el español hasta trece años.Esperemos que para entonces estaré con fluidez.
Bueno tengo que irme, mi mamá ha terminado de cenar y tengo hambre. Por lo tanto, adiós por ahora!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Well, ask me if I was invited to LOOKBOOK. because I was. (;

Yes. I WAS INVITED TO LOOKBOOK! lookbook is an invite only photo website. *YAY!*
Me and Sheyne aye having a movie marathon (lol) and some photography.
Scarletts in Queenstown.
I'm watching The Mentalist with my mum and sister. It's a good one! (;
Chanel has got the beauty parlour tomorrow. She will be so white and fluffy (: and cute. And beautiful. But hey, what else would be new?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Que hora son, me corazón

Me gustan los aviones, me gustas tu.
Me gusta viajar, me gustas tu.
Me gusta la mañana, me gustas tu.
Me gusta el viento, me gustas tu.
Me gusta soñar, me gustas tu.
Me gusta la mar, me gustas tu.
Que voy a hacer ,
Je ne sais pas
Que voy a hacer
Je ne sais plus
Que voy a hacer
Je suis perdu
Que horas son, mi corazón.

These lyrics are to the song 'mi gustas tu' by Manu Chao. Hes cosmopolaton don't you know? He considers everywhere his home. The song is sung in Spanish and French.
It's my fav song at the moment. I just can't stop listening to it, it's very catchy.(:

Ohaii there.

I am in maths. Yes. maths. We are ment to be doing 'maths week' but my computer does not like me. there is no flash player or no 'active x'. what ever that is. Im eating a curly wirly too. omnomnom. i have no idea how Alanis eats 2 a day. they are sooooooooooo sweet ^__^

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sleeping Dogs Lie Never Far Enough Away

Ok, so I was walking around the internet, and decided to find out what my moon and rising signs are. Well, my starsign is Capricorn right? well my Moonsign is Aries and my Risingsign is Aquarius. When I told my mum she just looked at me and said "Thats so you!" hahaha
Scarlett took some pics of me today (: they are pretty cool (: i'll upload some soon to my "me on mars" tab ok? Sweet.
It's Chanels birthday tomorrow! She won't be __months anymore! ): She will be 1!
Awwww, well I'll see you tomorrow, kk?

Monday, August 09, 2010


Yes. You did read it right. I'm reading Miley Cyrus' autobiography. It is actually very good. Although she could have used a better picture as her cover picture. She has major regrowth. I don't anymore :D I dyed it red. It's hot as (: Just like Mars.
I'm watching Ghost Whisperer, the new one, and is terrible! Goshh it's full of cheese (; Melida's kid looks and sounds frikkin MEXICAN! I'm not even kidding.
Annnny who, I have Fabric, Spanish, Socials, Science, English. Not a fun day. Actually no it is. Just last period. Ew English.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Follow you home, You've got your headphones on And you're dancing

ZOMG! it's August already! (: i just realised that. :/
Juno is on TV tonight. (: i like that movie quite much.
You know what else? Me and Scarlett have started to vlog! well kind. we picked a name, it;s 'starbucksandcrocodiles'. thats a start. we didn't have time to do that actual recording but... we will. probs on Sunday.
Well anyway, im about to watch bones but before I go I want to tell you about this idea (nerimons) that im going to use. You wear a bracelet and everytime you complain (or do a bad habit) you take it off and put it on the other wrist. Once the bracelet has been on the same wrist for 21 days straight, you can take it off. 21 days because thats how long *they* rekon in takes to break a habit. (: so byebye! i must go, but ill blog soon!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The papercuts, the cheating lovers, the coffees never strong enough I know you think it's more that just bad luck.

Hellooo fello readers. Sorry about not really posting much but, well I didn't have anything to write about. Now I do. Scarlett told me to post about road comes. So... I stole one from outside my house like 6 months ago. it's still on my lawn. (:
I got a fringe, ive been sick (that reminds me, I have alot of catching up to do, oops?) and 'I' discovered IJUSTINE. Youtube her. cbf putting in a link atm. Hope you'll understand. (:
It's Chanels birthday on the 11th and I'm going to Grease on the 24th(?) the play, not the country and oh god... Chanels found my scool books. :O
I must go... Have fun! (: xxx Byebye!