Sunday, October 31, 2010

Here Today Gone Tomorrow, But You'd Have To Walk A Thousand Miles

Ahh Kims party was pretty awesome. And OMG! I just got a massive urge to watch Bones. :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Floatin' Towards The Same Hope So

Ahhhh Halloweens in 2 Days!!!! I'm thinking along the lines of...... So what do you think??? :) Oh Yeah and Scarlett and Bailee are coming trick or treating too! :D The most likely one would probs be that one
<----- I quite like it :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We Are Oars, In The Same Row Boat

Ahhh. my gypsy outfit is doneee. :)
i now own a gypsy headscarf (like a fortune tellers hat). :D
I also helped Sarah sew her potato sack dress, it's so awesome!!! hehehe *yaaay*

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In a tree by the brook There's a songbird who sings Sometimes all of our thoughts are Misgiven

Ok so scratch that. I'm going as a gypsy. :D
I might not blog for a bit but its ok. ill be busy doing stomach crunches . :) xxx

Hey You, Would You Help Me To Carry The Stone, Open Your Heart I'm Coming Home

Ok, so I'm thinking a really super cool asian (no offence to anyone btw) scene, emo, harajuku rocker kid for Halloween??
It's not as big in New Zealamd anymore (Halloween, not my super cool asian scene emo rocker kid) it's mainly just parties people throw, mainly in their teen, so I'm there! :D
My friend Kim is having a party so I'm going, then on actual Halloween, Nieve (my awesome friend who has never been trick or treating before!), me, my sister, and Ashling (the cute 3 year old my sister helps) are going trick or treating :D :D :D :D

Monday, October 25, 2010

Hijacked lost track light fades another day left

Remember how I said I would tell you my interesting dreamss??? Well...

I was at the beach with Scarlett but it was raining and it was all foggy and abandoned. we were all like 'OMG!! Where is everyone!?' and then we started to walk towards the water but we saw a pier so we headed up onto it and then someone (they were wearing a cloak it was hard to tell if we knew them or not) was standing at the edge of the pier. when we got to nearly the edge, the person turned around real quick and saw us, then turned back (still didnt see who it was) and fell off the side. we went running over but because of the fog we couldnt see him/her

Sunday, October 24, 2010

And The Cats In The Cradle And The Silver Spoon, Little Boy Blue And The Man In The Moon

I want it. :)
On another note, Bailees was awesome. :)
We were late night calling people because I gots some free minuets on my phone. My friend Chris has now talked to Scarlett and Alanis. I'm pretty sure thats an experience he wont want to repeat soon. ehehehe

Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's These Sub-standard Motels On The Corner Of Fourth And Freamont Street

I'm going to Bailees birthday today :D
Aaaaaand in other news, I met some 'long lost' cousins I never knew I had. I think we worked it out that they are my... 4th cousins twiiiiiice removed. I think. Stuff like that confuses me. :(

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Places I Go Are Never There

Ok, so me and Sarah were laughing about this Shane Dawson video where hes all like "ooh, is that a phone or are you just REALLY happy to see me?". I'm just like :O hahahahahahaha and we were laughing how I told Sarah right when Fraiser was with us then we ran away. We were then laughing about THAT and some guy heared me and looked at me asif I were crazzzzzy. it was soo funny :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Eyes Remind Next Time So I Keep Them Closed

I had today off because the teachers were on strike. :)
Theres something soothing about music. I dont know what it is thought. :)
Incase you hadn't noticed, all my blog titles (except for one or two) are lyrics from songs.
Did you know I got called emo on Monday because I was listening to my IPOD reeealy loud
and was zoned out completly? Yes. Its true.
I'm just read a book (now my fav in the world) called "JUST LISTEN". its by Sarah Dessen. You should read it. :) xxxxxxxx

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hey You, Out There In The Cold, Getting Lonely Getting Old, Can You Help Me

Ugh... Social studies. My least favorite subject. Atleast in PE we can talk. Actually I don't like English either. ehhhhhh.
No school tomorrow!! *yaaaay* The Teachers Union or something are going on strike. :)
My Spanish (one of my fav subjects) teacher explained it to us. :)
My IPOD is dead. Well, just out of battery so I guess it just feinted. Meh. Either way it's, like, terrible. The blank silence is unbearably loud. :'(

Monday, October 18, 2010

They Can All Get Fcked Just Stay True To You. Whoa.

I'm watching the Mentalist. Whoa. I LOVE that dude. One of my favorite lines is "Wait, you never went to high school?" "No. No, I was busy."
bahahahahahahahahaha looooove it :)
I'm knitting again! *yaaaaay* Ice blue and white. gorgeous! xxx

Friday, October 15, 2010

Stop breathing! Imagine none of this is real.

I learned the awesomest card trick today. its like... *whoa*
anyway. scarlett owes me $1.30. :/
aaaand rhiannon STILL owes me $5.00.
There as something I was going to do. but i forgot what. :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It Was Only Fantasy

I just realised just how much I enjoy reading those books that people love but never admit to loving. Its sad. meh ohwell :D
Sarah is sooooo frikkin awesome oi. She decided I was like depressed because I didn't talk heaps in fabric, so she wrote me a letter of reasons why she thinks Im awesome. *nawwwwww*