Saturday, July 31, 2010

Baby behave we'll make it work.

Uhm... sorry about not posting in a while, but... yeah I don't have a reason. I just didn't. :/
Something that happened recently that I want to share with you is this. I was (well actually my design was) on TV. Did I tell you about the competition I entered my videotape wallet in to? Well if not then I enetered my case into a competition. And the person showednit on TV and said it was really really really awesome. So um yay much?
Thats pretty much it right now... oh Chanels birthday is coming up. August 11. 11 days away. Shes not as excited as I am for her 1st birthday but... what can you do?
Also. Sarah? I made you spoon necklace. I'll bring it on Monday.
xxx Bye for now!

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