Monday, February 28, 2011

We Are The Surefire Winners

ahhhh my camera is so cool! :D I love it so much.
Madre took some pics with it just before, i had it on auto and auto focus but still. :)
School was good. :) Spanish... I was re-re-revising. -___- I pointed out to my mum when I did the stuff in my Spanish book from this year (so far). It was nearly all "year 8". I'm year 10 this year. -___- haha LOM
I just ordered a "Wreck This Journal" by Keri Smith. :DDD $21 incl. shipping. Ahhh shopping is funn when you have money to spend that you aren't spending. Although... I really should be saving for a 18-55mm lens for my camera... and some cloud 9's... and some "SOPIO" cards... and some clothes (POLYVORE- Ramones singlet, Venice Beach shirt etc.)... Meh. They can wait.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I've Been On My Knees And Crawling Back To You It's Coming All Back To Me 1983

Renee got a car today. :)
total damage?---$2050
pretty good for a Nikon D70 and a Honda Prelude. :D


Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Like To Go To The Mall And Walk Around With You Laughing Out Loud

I just bought a Nikon D70.
OH. MY. GOD. It is sooo amazing! GAH!
I was shaking when I gave the guy the money hahahahaha. I've never spent so much money in my life.

Friday, February 25, 2011

1 thing only a handful of people know about me

1 "The Formspring Fiasco"
I wont go into detail about it here, but it sucked.
It started with people pretending to be me and bitch to my friends and making them think I hate them.
Gosh. Some people are so pathetic.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

2 songs I love

2 Friend- Kaitlyn. "That awesome song from Cinderella Story"  :)
1 Bloom- The Paper Kites. The video clip is EPIC!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

3 movies that I love

3 The Lovely Bones
Tomorrow When The War Began
1 Uptown Girls
These 3 are no doubt, hands down my 3 all-time-favorite movies EVER! :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

4 TV shows that I love

4 BONES. because who could not like BONES?
3 That 70's Show. ;)
2 Malcom In The Middle. (because I'm awesome like that)
1 top Chef-Just Deserts. Or atleast ATM anyway.

this is my 100th post. :) I made it 100 posts without failing or getting bored and/or forgetting about it. Also, I just want to say, I hope everyone in Christchurch is ok, everyone who was lucky enough to survive- and the families of those who didn't.

Monday, February 21, 2011

5 people I admire

5 would have to be my mum. I love her so much, and she is the most inspirational person I know.
4 Renee. Her style is cool and I love her hair. Her room is epic, and her art is amazing.
3 Scarlett. Her picture walls? -epic. Camera? -epic. Her Scarlett-ness? -epic.
2 Leif..........s music. It's epic. He's talented at writing it, and playing it. It's awesome.
1 Sarah. Although she goes through a lot, she is still cool. :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

6 items of clothing that I'm in love with right now. (owned or not).

6 my Romanian-style ankle boots. :) - they are possibly the most prettiest shoes I have ever owned.
5 the size 16 mens Ralph Lauren shirt i made into a dress. -it's epic.
4 my mums leopard-print coat. -from Australia.
3 my mums blue blazer. -from the 80's
2 my mums snake skin bag. ( -yes. I know half of these are things my mum has.
1 some leopard-print pantyhose. -Anyone know where to get some???

Saturday, February 19, 2011

7 things I think about often

7 how we move, like... it's weird, but sometimes it just feels weird. You don't think of it, you just do it.
6 why things happen, and why we meet the people we do.
5 if he thinks about me...
4 how languages were developed.
3 what existed before the 'big bang' that created the universe.
2 what elements developed or were created from.
1 vlogging. I often think about making a vlog, but never go further than that stage.

Friday, February 18, 2011

8 things I'm afraid of

8 breaking a bone (which I have never done- touch wood).
7 drowning.
6 not being able to breathe.
5 being kidnapped.
4 clowns.
3 certain types of rejection.
2 not being good enough (for the truth or cliche ;)...).
1 losing someone close to me.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

9 things I want

9 a Nikon camera. :)
8 to travel. Mainly to England, San Fransisco, Greece, Spain and South America.
7 some root beer. I'm not even kidding. I'm seriously craving some root beer at  the moment.
6 to be happy in life.
5 to get a job so I can buy #9.
4 some clothes from Topshop. :)
3 2 kids. (not one, but in like 15 years).
2 to have a sweet 16.
1 to grow out my hair. Maybe by August, I can cut it short from like 3 inch re-growth? maybe. Hair grown an inch a month, so by August, possibly even 4 or 5 inches. :D

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

10 Goals In Life

10 to go to uni.
They have a good uni down in Invercargill called 'Zero Fees'. The course is free, as long as you pass.
9 to learn Spanish fluently.
That way I can go to Spain and South America. :)
8 to get a good camera.
And by good I mean a photography one. Preferably Nikon.
7 to pass school with good grades.
I know it sounds kind of lame, but I don't want to spend my life achieving the bare minimum required.
6 get married.
5 have 2 kids.
4 design and make at least one garment.
I've always wanted to do that, but never been able to.
3 get my weight down to 58kg.
It's currently like 60-something.
2 get onto a healthy diet.
stop eating crap food, and eat healthy.
1 have a good wardrobe.
at the moment, it's looking rather grim. I don't want to spend half an hour trying to find something to wear. if I spend 30mins getting dressed, I'd want it to be because I can't find something to wear, but because I don't know what I'd rather wear.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Yeah, It's Plain To See That Baby You're Beautiful And There's Nothing Wrong With You

We had to write a Shakespearian English sonnet in English today. -__-
grrr. 'twas rather difficult. I'm pretty sure mine doesn't even make sense.
Anyway, I was thinking I might do a Tumblr 10 day challenge, where I take the ideas, and post one each day, just so you guys can get to know me better. :)
My 10 will be:
10 goals in life.
9 things I want.
8 things I'm afraid of.
7 things I think about often.
6 items of clothing that I'm in love with right now. (owned or not).
5 people I admire.
4 TV shows that I love.
3 movies that I love.
2 songs I love.
1 thing only a handful of people know about me.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Say What You Mean Tell Me I’m Right And Let The Sun Rain Down On Me Give Me A Sign I Wanna Believe

It's Saturday! :D
I Saw Rana today, which was nice because I hadn't seen her in aaaaaaages.
I downloaded Google Chrome. :) It's different to Firefox, which I was using before.
My hair is wavey. :) I let it dry natural, but with a headband holding it in place. (Well, it was my sunglasses, but still) It looks rather cool. :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm A Maori Sitting In The Sand, Got No Money I Don't Understand

^^that song is epic. ;)
i like the video too. its so Maori New Zealand. :)
BONES TONIGHT! :D im so excited!
I want to start a vlog. :/ but I wouldnt know where to start. Maybe i will start them and post links to them here, and links to here on the vlogs. Eh??
I need to learn timetables and routines in Spanish. :/ Thyat way I dont have to change my options! :D I just need to get the extention syllabus from my teacher so I can make sure I know what I need to know. (And possibly learn to spell 'syllabus')

Monday, February 07, 2011

The Middle Of Adventure Is Such A Perfect Place To Start

The cameras were sold. :'( It sucks!
Maths homework=ew.
I re-arranged my room. :) It looks pretty good.
Bones is due back on tv in 3 days! :D
Art was pretty cool. :) Mr Irving liked my drawing. So that's good.
Tomorrow goes:
Social Studies

Sound fun, no? Exactly. No. argh!

Saturday, February 05, 2011

This Post Is Too Cool For A Lyrical Title

I found some epic cameras on tm that I might get! (It's a 3-way-tie, I'm not greedy)
2 are Canon and 1 is a Nikon. They are between $275 and $350. :D
hahaha lom.
They come with lenses and batteries and stuff, so yeah. They look good.

Friday, February 04, 2011

To Be By Your Side


That is hilarious. This guy is easily scared i guess.
I'm just glad I'm not him. Having that on youtube would be embarrassing.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

I'm Always About To Go Spoiling The Surprise

Hey guys! :)
School went back today, it was ok. :) But the thing I realised and has stuck in my mind since, is that I used to eat alot at school. But today, I had an apple bar (nomnom) an apple and some chips. I must say, I'm quite proud of myself.
I think you should look at this-- CreatureComfortsBlog.
It's a creative crafts blog. :D

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I Heared Your Heart Sing Love Love Love

BROWN HAIR! :D *shocker*
school tomorrow. -__-
It's been hot today. :/ Went to Manurewa OpShops. :)
I wore my new dress. :D
My cards should be in soon. :) Thats a plus. :)
I'm going to film each card being made, and start vlogging, then mix them in with each vlog.