Sunday, May 30, 2010

♫ Your love is my drug ♫

in the perfect world, OUR perfect world, we would be perfect. but alas, this is the REAL world, the one where we have those small ‘fun’ querks and habits, the world where we have to ask someone if ‘these jeans make my ass look fat’. And I bet anyone reading this, has once on their life thought about what their perfect world would be like. if only that person liked them back. Or what you would look like if you had no freckles.
So I have made a list of attributes that I like about other people, and that I would have in my perfect world (or atleast what I would take from them). enjoy. ^_^
Rana: the ability of quick whit and artistic skills
Ruby: flawless skin (no freckles and olive skintone)
Renee: artistic skills and ability to suit any hair colour
Courtney:nice white blonde hair
Chris:maybe just a few more cm in height
Alex and David: ability to do whatever whenever and not care what people think.

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