Monday, May 31, 2010


Do you think its odd, for a 13 year old girl to drink tea???
My friend Scarlett thinks so :/ But i like MY tea (its cranberry, raspberry, strawberry).
I think i shall take some tea in a thermous to school tomorrow. (: mmm... tea
I am adding some of my old old blog stories to thisblog from my soul cast blog (:

just down here

Earlier today, I was at home by myself, (it was cross country at school) when I heard an odd noise. I picked up my dog (to make myself clear, my dog is small, I did not pick up a 25kg dog to go outside, but a 5kg dog) and opend the ranchslider door, I was washing the dishes, so I took with me a frying pan to protect me from whatever it was.(HOW?)
When I looked outside there was nothing there but a cat about 10 feet away from me. I followed the direction his eyes were pointing at and to my surprise found a headless... FISH. I screamed, the cat ran off, and I dropped the frypan, so I put Chanel (my dog) back inside and took a picture (I got my camera when I went back inside to free up my arms from Chanel) and stood there like a loser for 10 minuets before sending the picture to my sister at work. She laughed at me for screaming and dropping the frypan.

What is it with girls and guys like Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Justin Bieber? Someone please tell me! EVERYONE does not get why (with me being a girl and everything) that I'm not absolutly in love with any of them. And although it may sound like I am having a moan, but, well, I am.
I don't see what people see in any of them? at all. I mean whats with JB's waaaaay oversized hat? Is it that girls just like guys with abs? (yeah JB has abs, or atleast someone on WikiAnswers thinks so) But more than this, girls just go crazy over them. So can someone just PLEASE tell me why?!

come to think of it thats pretty much all thats on ther :O haha
i might go op-shopping this weekend (: yay... me and scarlett... orewa op-shops if we go between 10am and midday on saturday we can go to the cute op-shop by the church... (it has weird hours... the only other day its open is on a tuesday, midday -2pm)
maybe i should volenteer there... on a SUNDAY! how rebalious of me. pishh i mean SUNDAY! lol

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