Saturday, May 07, 2011

Like A Shotgun, Needs An Outcome

I has been at Bailees house last night. :3
We watched some Skins and talked for aaaaages.
I LOVE Lykke Li- Get Some
I'm currently reading The Dead Of The Night by John Marsden. So far it is really really really really good.
Tomorrow is mothers day, Me and Renee are taking mum out to hight tea in Devonport! - Vair posh. :)
Soon I will be going to the mall. I have no idea why.
I still have to type up my poems for English and print them out.
asdfghjkl. Scarlett, Alanis and Nieve have been outside Vector Arena since 8am to get at the front of the mosh pit for Katy Perry. I was going to go, but instead of paying $103 to see and artist perform who I only kind of like, I spent the money on Lorenzo- My camera. :)

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