Thursday, October 28, 2010

Our Hearts Don't Have Heavy Parts We're Like Balloons We Float To New Heights

OMG. I'm obsessed! :)
Watch it! :D
So... How Are You Today?


  1. hello..i love this song do u know what its called or where i can find it?

  2. Yes, me too...where can I download it? Or just what is it called and who is the artist?


  3. It hasn't been released so I'm not sure whether you can download it or not. It's called 'we're like balloons' and is performed by Chelsea Jade. It was produced for the telecom ad, I hope they release it as a song! I love it! For the meantime I just listen on youtube...

  4. Great song. Funny how google took me here. Lots of love... x

  5. I saw it on TV and liked the song so much I searched it on youtube, I don't know if they will release it, but I hope they do!