Monday, October 25, 2010

Hijacked lost track light fades another day left

Remember how I said I would tell you my interesting dreamss??? Well...

I was at the beach with Scarlett but it was raining and it was all foggy and abandoned. we were all like 'OMG!! Where is everyone!?' and then we started to walk towards the water but we saw a pier so we headed up onto it and then someone (they were wearing a cloak it was hard to tell if we knew them or not) was standing at the edge of the pier. when we got to nearly the edge, the person turned around real quick and saw us, then turned back (still didnt see who it was) and fell off the side. we went running over but because of the fog we couldnt see him/her


  1. What song are those lyrics from? and btw it was just me swimming near a pier :P

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