Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Do It For The Living And Do It For The Dead, Do It For The Monsters Under Your Bed.

I want to be a nomad.
I want to find some money, go overseas, and just up and go when I feel. I want to be able to lay on the beaches of Italy, and then get up, get my stuff (clothes, passport, money and camera) and take a boat to Greece. And maybe then go back to Italy- Rome. Then go to Spain just because I felt like it .
I could catch a train to Paris- just because.
Fly to Berlin, Amsterdam, anywhere! 
And from there go to England. Make my way up the island and go to Scotland.
And go to Ireland.
From there? Who knows.
The Americas maybe.
Start in Canada and make my way to Chile and Argentina. -stopping to see the Yucatan Peninsula and to the ancient Mayan remains in the jungle.
Be a nomad. Spontaneous. Have fun.
Just float about for awhile. One year. Two. Who knows!?

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