Sunday, March 06, 2011

And It's Hard To Hold A Candle In The Cold November Rain

I've started reading "Tomorrow When The War Began" :DD It took 6 months for the library to give me it, but I got it. :)
Eilish agreed to be a model for me one day. *yaaay*
I stole a bunch of movies from Scarlett's computer. :) And season 3 of Skins.
She has my tripod, but thats ok. :) I don't use it anyways.
I donee all my 2 pages of maths homework. but not the 2 pages in a homework book, but 2 pages in a workbook- like small text approx. 100 Q's. RAGE. I hate maths atm. Algebra is annoying me.
Anyways... I have to go vacuum upstairs and clean my birds cage.

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