Friday, December 31, 2010

Happiness Hit Her, Like A Bullet In The Mind

Well it's 6:49pm and NYE.
My 10 resolutions are:
1. STOP BITING MY NAILS!! asdjikdrgvfa (it's been one of my resolutions for like 5 years now)
2. Get fit, healthy and loose some weight.
3. Get around to making/finnishing one item of clothing.
4. Listen to the news. (Current events is in our exam)
5. Do my homework the day I get it (when I get home)
6. Read atleast 1 book every 2 weeks. (even if it's re-reading a book)
7. Focus alot on my Art.
8. Focus alot on my Spanish.
9. Do gradual study throughout the year.
10. Use blogger more.

I think practise typing faster should be one though. That took me 7 minuets to write. :/
anyway. Here is a cute pic I found on Tumblr. :) Enjoy whats left of 2010, and what's to come in 2011. xxx bye!

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