Friday, August 06, 2010

Follow you home, You've got your headphones on And you're dancing

ZOMG! it's August already! (: i just realised that. :/
Juno is on TV tonight. (: i like that movie quite much.
You know what else? Me and Scarlett have started to vlog! well kind. we picked a name, it;s 'starbucksandcrocodiles'. thats a start. we didn't have time to do that actual recording but... we will. probs on Sunday.
Well anyway, im about to watch bones but before I go I want to tell you about this idea (nerimons) that im going to use. You wear a bracelet and everytime you complain (or do a bad habit) you take it off and put it on the other wrist. Once the bracelet has been on the same wrist for 21 days straight, you can take it off. 21 days because thats how long *they* rekon in takes to break a habit. (: so byebye! i must go, but ill blog soon!

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